A Port Allegany woman has been charged by Lewis Run-based state police with cruelty to animals for allegedly leaving several animals at a home where she wasn’t living at the time.

Tosha M. Alcock, 29, of 571 Birch Run Road, is charged with cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor; neglect of animals regarding sustenance and water, a third-degree misdemeanor; and neglect of animals regarding vet care, a summary offense.

According to court records, on July 11, state police were dispatched to the Birch Run Road residence of Alcock and Christopher Ross for a report of animal cruelty and neglect. When a trooper arrived, he was met by a staff member with the McKean County SPCA, who said he had been dispatched to the residence many times to deal with three dogs.

The trooper and SPCA staffer looked through the windows of the home and were able to see two dogs, and two empty food and water bowls. A cage inside the home was visible from the window, and the trooper noted they could see “a large amount of fur that could possibly be the remnants of a cat or dog,” the criminal complaint stated.

The two could see “a large quantity of feces throughout the residence,” and noted the exterior of the home appeared as though no one had been there in some time. The grass was thigh high and there was a large amount of mail in the mailbox, the complaint alleged.

The trooper attempted numerous times to contact Alcock and Ross, to no avail. Troopers obtained a search warrant for the residence and found the animals had no water and hadn’t had any for some time. The dogs had knocked over a bag of dog food to eat, the troopers noted.

The SPCA member removed the dogs from the home. The troopers noted the temperature was approximately 85 degrees, and there was no airflow and no open windows at the home, the complaint stated.

Ross had been charged in August, but the cruelty charge and the neglect of animals regarding sustenance and water have been withdrawn. He was issued a ticket for the remaining count of neglect and the case has been closed.

Charges against Alcock were filed Oct. 15. She was arraigned Tuesday before District Judge Bill Todd and released on $2,000 unsecured bail. She is scheduled to appear in Central Court on Nov. 7.