A Kane man accused of stalking was sentenced Thursday in McKean County Court to a term of probation.

Joseph W. Lorenzo, 63, will serve 23 ½ months of probation for a charge of stalking. Lorenzo pleaded guilty Feb. 6 to allegations that between April 1 and June 12, he repeatedly communicated with a woman; his actions included calling her 66 times while she was camping, coming to her residence and demonstrating knowledge of where she was when they communicated.

Also in court, Curtis J. Deitz, 39, of Bradford, pleaded no contest to a charge of simple assault and a summary charge. According to Assistant District Attorney Bridget Murphy, on Jan. 5, Deitz grabbed a juvenile female by the throat and threw her to the ground and shoved another female into a stand. Deitz will be sentenced Aug. 13.

Michael J. Thielges, 44, of Jackson Center, will serve six months of probation for a charge of DUI-alcohol.

Tammie K. Cummiskey, 60, of Olean, N.Y., was accepted into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for DUI-general impairment and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two people were sentenced on Tuesday in McKean County Court, too.

Nancy S. Williams, 60, of Duke Center, will serve 15 months of probation and pay $2,000 in restitution to Keystone Powdered Metals for a charge of harassment and a summary charge. Williams pleaded guilty June 4 to allegations that between Aug. 16-19, Williams threatened to shoot anyone that was involved in getting another coworker demoted at Keystone Powdered Metal. Her actions caused the company to hire additional security.

Zachary M. Hoffman, 27, of Kane, will serve five years of probation with a term of restrictive sanctions for charges of DUI-alcohol.