A Coudersport man was sentenced to incarceration Thursday in McKean County Court for allegations he received a stolen wallet.

Kent C. Rissel, 33, will serve 45 days to one year of incarceration for a charge of receiving stolen property. He pleaded guilty July 2 to allegations that on Nov. 11, he disposed of a wallet that contained $953 knowing the wallet was probably stolen.

Rissel will serve the McKean County sentence concurrent to — or at the same time as — a sentence he received Wednesday in Potter County Court for several cases.

Rissel told Pavlock that he was sentenced Wednesday to a minimum of 33 months in state prison for the Potter County cases.

The online court dockets indicate that Rissel was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday in Potter County in five cases: one for burglary, another for theft by unlawful taking and summary charges, a third for possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance, a fourth for receiving stolen property and another for criminal mischief.

Also in McKean County Court, Dwayne Motley, 50, of Olean, N.Y., was sentenced to eight months of probation, and he will pay $1,205 in restitution to Walmart for three counts of retail theft, one count of theft by deception and a summary charge. Motley pleaded guilty July 11, 2019, to charges coming from actions on five occasions between Oct. 21 and Dec. 9 in 2018. During that time Motley stole hundreds of dollars of merchandise and on one occasion tried to return an air mattress to Walmart that he did not purchase.

Paul McMahon, 26, of Kane, will serve one year of probation with a term of restrictive sanctions for charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, DUI-controlled substance and summary charges.

Samuel L. Dubaich, 35, of Ludlow, will serve six months of probation with a term of restrictive sanctions for a charge of DUI-general impairment and a summary charge.

Bryant K. Hix, 25, of Fairfax, Va., will serve one year of probation for charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and a summary charge.