SMETHPORT — A Bradford woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from people for whom she was providing care was sentenced to a state prison term Thursday in McKean County Court.

Melinda S. Schoonover, 35, will serve 18 months to three years in state prison with credit for one day of time served. She must also pay $3,900 in restitution to one of the victims.

On Aug. 3, Schoonover pleaded guilty to charges in two cases: identity theft and theft by deception in the first case and identity theft and obstructing administration of law or other governmental function.

Schoonover entered the plea to allegations that between Dec. 9 and Jan. 26, while employed as a caregiver for someone over age 60, she used identifying information of that person such as the person’s name and account numbers to make purchases totaling approximately $3,900. Schoonover called the state police barracks impersonating the victim saying she did not want to have charges pursued.

Additionally, between Oct. 7 and April 14, also during her employment as a caregiver for someone over age 60, Schoonover opened credit accounts and made purchases of about $250 using the person’s identifying information.

Also in court, Leland H. Baker, 36, of Kane, will serve one to two years in state prison for a charge of accidents involving death or injury while not licensed and four summary charges. He will also pay $200 to one of the victims for the deductible. Court records filed at the time of Baker’s arrest alleged that on April 17 Baker failed to stay in his lane when he was driving north on Route 321 in Wetmore Township, and he struck another vehicle head-on; two people were injured in the crash.

Joseph J. Montecalvo, 33, of Lewis Run, will serve one to 23 ½ months in McKean County Jail and pay restitution of $1,009 for charges of simple assault, false imprisonment and possession of drug paraphernalia. On Oct. 8, Montecalvo pleaded guilty to allegations that on June 30, 2017, while in an argument with his girlfriend, he pushed her down intentionally, hard enough that she hit her head on the floor, which caused bruising, swelling and pain. Police were called, and when they arrived he would not let her leave. Also, police found Montecalvo to be in possession of a marijuana pipe.

Westley C. Hardy, 21, of Cyclone will serve 11 days to six months in McKean County Jail with credit for one day of time served and a consecutive term of probation for charges in two cases. He is charged in one case with fleeing or attempting to elude an officer and in the other with possession of a controlled substance and summary charges. Court records filed at the time of Hardy’s arrest in the fleeing case alleged that on June 23, he failed to stop the dirt bike he was operating when a police officer tried to pull him over; he drove through stop signs and at high rates of speed during the incident.

Michael O. Sprought, 39, of Bradford, will serve 14 days to one year in McKean County Jail with credit for 14 days of time served for a charge of terroristic threats. He will pay $300 for damage he caused to a door, too.

Sean M. Walker, 33, of Bradford, will serve 15 months of probation for a charge of disorderly conduct and a summary charge. Court records filed at the time of his arrest alleged that on June 27, Walker, who was intoxicated, entered a Bradford apartment, sat on the couch and refused to leave; neither of the apartment’s tenants knew who he was.

Doug M. Backer, 48, of Smethport, will serve five years of probation with a period of restrictive sanctions for a charge of DUI-controlled substance.

John D. Dracup, 22, of Lewis Run, will serve six months of probation for a charge of DUI-general impairment.

Donald A. Phillips Jr., 37, of Eldred, will serve six months of probation for a charge of DUI-general impairment.

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