SMETHPORT — A Bradford man will spend time in McKean County Jail for allegations that he threatened to place a bomb in Bradford’s Veterans Square.

Keven W. Curtis, 25, was sentenced Thursday in McKean County Court before President Judge John Pavlock. Curtis pleaded guilty Dec. 19 to one charge of bomb threats-threatens placement of bomb, a first-degree misdemeanor.

On Dec. 19, Curtis entered the plea to allegations that between Oct. 1 and 26, he threatened to place an explosive device in Veterans Square with the intent to hurt people.

He was on county supervision for a simple assault conviction at the time of the bomb threat and had his supervision revoked.

For the new case and the revocation, Curtis will serve an aggregate sentence of four months to two years in McKean County Jail with credit for 83 days of time served. He will not be released from incarcerated until he has an approved mental health evaluation and plan and an approved home plan.

As part of his sentence, Curtis is to have no firearms, ammunition or black powder, and he is not to be within 40 yards of Veterans Square.

Prior to ordering Curtis’s sentence, Pavlock told him, “This was one of the most troubling sentences,” as far as preparing for the sentencing. In other cases, the sentencing guidelines “reflect what occurred.”

The judge indicated the sentence range outlined in the sentencing guidelines did not match the seriousness of the crime.

“Here, this was so troubling, so scary, such a potential threat,” he explained.

Pavlock said that it is law for him to follow the sentencing guidelines and added that he must also base the sentence on the allegations he pleaded guilty to, not any allegations for which he was not convicted.

“In the end, I’m going to defer to the plea agreement,” Pavlock said, though he added, “I still have great concern and the defendant should be very closely watched.” He said it is “critical” that Curtis follow his mental health plan.

The criminal complaint filed at the time of Curtis’s arrest outlined some of the allegations of which Curtis was not convicted, including indications that he was actively planning to build a bomb, and had purchased bomb-making materials.