Water authority accepts bids for two timber sales

A crew installs new 24-inch transmission main along Lang Maid Lane for the Bradford City Water Authority. The redundant line is intended to prevent a water crisis like the one the area experienced in 2015.

Bradford City Water Authority accepted bids for two timber sales from authority property.

A portion of the profits from timber sales goes to Bradford City.

Ken Kane, the authority’s forester and president of Generations Forestry, reported to the authority at Wednesday’s regular meeting that both bid openings took place earlier that day. He recommended that the authority approve both high bids.

One bid was from Firth Maple Products of Spartansburg for $104,000 for timber from the Gilbert Heights property. It was the highest of six bids.

The other was from Collins Kane Hardwood of Kane for $182,193 for timber from the Compartment #8 High Point area. It was the highest of five bids.

Also at the meeting, Kane provided an update to the authority on the current field timber inventory that is taking place.

Steve Disney, the authority’s executive director, gave an update to the board on the new 24-inch transmission main that is being installed.

He reported that Mortimer’s Excavating Inc. of Pulaski started work at the treatment plant on March 16 and continues to work along West Corydon Street.

“Weather has caused some minor issues and water authority crews also had to make repairs to an air release on a parallel 14-inch raw water main last Friday,” Disney told The Era.

Meanwhile, D&M Contracting began work on the same project on April 6, starting just east of the Lang Maid Lane bridge. They progressed from Lang Maid to West Washington Street.

“They have encountered some minor issues which required Authority crews to make some service line repairs,” Disney stated. “Work has been a little slow with the damp, muddy conditions but they are making steady progress.”

On April 13, D&M brought out a second crew, which started near the Beth Israel Cemetery on West Washington Street, continued to Willard Avenue and are currently working on Poplin Avenue. That crew will continue to work up to Reservoir #4.

Regarding another project — the main line extension on Kenmar Acres — construction is slated to begin in a couple of months, Disney reported. He said the materials submittal process is nearly finished between Mortimer’s and authority engineers.

Another bid opening was held on Tuesday for an insertion valve project, according to Disney.

The authority received two bids, with the lowest being for $77,327 from Mortimer’s Excavating. The board accepted the bid with approval from its engineer, Bankson Engineers Inc.

For the project, two new large diameter gate valves will be installed: a 16-inch one near the intersection of Barbour and North Center streets, and a 20-inch one in the rear parking lot off Dorothy Lane at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford campus.

“Locations of the new valves have been determined to focus on areas of the water system that historically have had difficulty in securing and efficient shut down,” Disney explained.

The authority adopted a resolution at the meeting granting approval to D&M to store materials in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation right-of-way.