Some of the hard work completed on the Knox & Kane Rail Trail by dedicated community volunteers was recently destroyed, after vandals twice targeted a section of split rail fencing on two approaches to a bridge on the trail. The split rail fencing, which members of the Kane Area High School carpentry class built the framework for last year, was installed to make the area safer for trail users.

“The first day we discovered some vandalism, they took all the split rails out and threw them over the steep bank,” said Tom Kase, president of the Kane Borough Council. “My brother-in-law and I got all the pieces and put it back together.”

Several days later, vandals revisited the scene in the evening and pulled wooden posts completely out of the ground, throwing some of them off the bridge.

“Some of the posts smashed and broke,” noted Kase. “There was significant damage the second time.”

After the vandalism occurred, Kase contacted Janie French, executive director of Headwaters Charitable Trust of Curwensville and suggested she contact the police, as Headwaters currently owns the property.

“She also mentioned to me that Headwaters would have funds available to install some security cameras, so there will be some cameras at the bridge there,” explained Kase.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to contact State Police.

Despite the vandalism, Kase noted the trail development will continue, thanks to a grant the borough received from the county. The trail group was also awarded a grant through The Trail Volunteer Fund out of Pittsburgh.

“That will help us to do some drainage work to prepare for the trail surfacing,” said Kase.