Ski for Cancer

Due to rising cases of COVID-19, the Tony Dolan Ski for Cancer event has been cancelled for Jan. 30.

As much as it saddened the committee to cancel, committee member Betsy Eschrich said they could not risk people becoming ill at the event.

“It’s not worth it with how bad things are right now,” she explained. “I could never live with knowing somebody got sick from an event where we’re raising money to help people.”

Had the event gone forward, this would be the 42nd year.

In commemoration, Eschrich had t-shirts made for people to purchase, with the Tony Dolan Ski for Cancer logo on the front and “Thanks to COVID, see you next year” along with a picture of the virus on the backside of the shirt

“We made the t-shirts in black because it blacked us out,” she said with a chuckle.

Eschrich originally had 50 t-shirts made and was down to 10 XL at the time of the interview Tuesday evening. If she sees enough interest, she said she will take names and money, placing orders for more. Money collected will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Those interested in purchasing a t-shirt or making a donation can call Ott and McHenry Pharmacy at 814-362-3827 and ask for Betsy or Mike.

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