POETRY: We had a visit from George Santora on Friday, who brought us an emotional poem to share, called I Will Come to You in the Silence.

How do we survive this fearful flight?

When all seems wrong, “this can’t be right.”

Is it a delusion or am I going mad?

I pray to God I won’t be sad.

It’s starting to pass, I’ll be all right.

It’s just a lesson, to learn to fight.

The devil’s fallen and I won the right

To trust my faith with all my might.

Thanks again, my heavenly friend.

You’re always there, to the end.

It’s OK to worry, it’s a way to heal,

And prove to yourself, you always prevail.

Just trust your faith that lives within

It’s just a reminder not to give up.

I’ll teach my brothers and sisters too

To be on guard and not be fooled.

It’s just an illusion he’s running again

You won’t give up. You will not sin.

George is battling cancer, and we wish him all the best.


FINDING LOVE IN PANDEMIC: A recent survey has found that, while staying home means staying safe, singles are willing to travel longer distances for dates.

In fact, in a survey of over 3,200 singles conducted by the lifestyle website EverydayCarry.com, dedicated to our everyday essentials, the average single person in Pennsylvania is happy to spend 2.3 hours travelling to a date (compared to a national average of 2.3 hours), and men are even more keen, willing to spend 2.7 hours getting there. And 1 in 4 of us would actually travel interstate for a date.

A third of men are open to a long distance relationship since the pandemic began (compared to just a quarter of women); and 20% of those men would be prepped with an overnight bag and their essential everyday carry — phone, wallet, compass, whatever else works — to go on that long distance date.

Although since more bars are shut, another hefty slice of optimistic men (63% compared to 26% of women!) would be happy to have a first date at their date’s home.

As it stands, nearly half of singles (47%) would actually prefer their first date to take place on a video call, rather than in person.