Derrick City pond

BIRDS: Jim Bogdan of Otto Township called Wednesday to let us know his annual visitors from Central America have returned to his feeders: rose-breasted grosbeaks.

The birds are two days earlier than last year, when they arrived on May 1.

Jim anticipates the hummingbirds will come back in about a week.


POETRY: Susie Coffman, a Derrick City resident, has shared a poem with us she wrote during these difficult times.

“A pond in the neighborhood Derrick City by name.

Today for some reason it looks not the same.

A prettier image, a bit more serene.

In these uncertain days a picturesque scene.

The same rippling waters and all the same trees.

But somehow this day the more precious it seems.

Nature has always been calming to me.

Soothing and tranquil it’s what our lives need.

So find your “pond in the neighborhood.” your escape from the news.

In a book or a hobby or your favorite tune.

Things taken for granted now see in a different light.

Cherish and treasure the simple things in life.”


TODAY: Today is May 1, which is both Batman Day and National Space Day. Today is also National Chocolate Parfait Day and Save the Rhino Day.

While we celebrate these holidays at home, they give you plenty of fun options for activities today, from dressing up as a superhero to making a plan to help the world’s endangered species. You can also see if you can find a documentary on the rhino and watch that today.