Mischief in the making

INVADER!: An Era reader recently shared an unexpected guest that was trapped in her bird feeder.

Edith VanGorder provided photos of a chipmunk that wormed its way into her suet cage, then filled its cheeks so full it could not find an escape route.

VanGorder managed a few photos before the chipmunk realized its best bet was to give up the goods and escape the same way it came in — empty cheeked.


CORONAVIRUS TRENDS: Working from home during March and April was a necessity in Pennsylvania. According to a recent study, those who are still working from home have found a benefit: a faster turnover to Happy Hour at the end of the day.

According to a study completed by Alcohol.org, employees in Pennsylvania working from home switch to adult beverages at 5:06 p.m., on average.

This is based on a survey of 3,300 workers who are handling work from their home office. In comparison, employees in West Virginia begin at 3:24 p.m., while workers in Hawaii are the late ones to the party, starting to drink at 7:30 p.m.

The study also found that, as weekdays and weekends seem to blur together, 1 in 5 people who previously drank only during the weekends say they now drink during the week.

This is more common in men, with 25% admitting this trend, while only 23% of women have changed their attitude toward consuming adult beverages during the week.