SEAWARD AVENUE: Dean Fox reached out to the newsroom and shared a few more points on the history of Seaward Avenue.

“Having lived on Seaward Ave as a child of the 50’ and 60’s, I thoroughly enjoyed R.T.S. these last few days. I grew up just four doors down from the Byllye Lanes bowling alley. A few things I’d like to add to ‘Era Reader’s’ info are:

— The Keystone Station was commonly called Tingley’s. We used to cash in deposit soda bottles there: Small bottles 2 cents and large bottles 5 cents. Then we would spend our new found wealth on Twinkies and other treats. A twin pack of Twinkies or cupcakes cost 12 cents.

The Pennzoil station was often referred to as Angelos. That is where we would buy 5 cent popsicles and then duck under the bridge on Seaward Ave and dip our feet in the water as we enjoyed the cool temperatures.

— The Wingards lived on Clark St., and sold xmas trees every December.

— Down the street from our house, where the sewer treatment plant is now, was the Stack Dairy farm. If you could tolerate the heat and dust, it was a great place to earn money during the haying season. And a great place to hike and camp. They sold out in the early 70’s, selling the property to the city of Bradford.”


DOGUST 1ST: Today is the universal birthday of shelter dogs, known as Dogust First. Visitors to shelters nationwide know the look you see on the face of a pup that is hoping you’ll be the one to provide its forever home. Because these pups commonly come into the shelter with no information on their past, their birthdays are unknown. Adopters tend to celebrate “gotcha” days for these dogs - the day they were adopted. However, for those who want to celebrate a birthday, Dogust First is a happy alternative. North Shore Animal League America chose this day in 2008 to celebrate the birth of all shelter pups, a.k.a “mutt-i-grees.”

Today is also National Mustard Day, so slap some of the cheerful yellow condiment on a hot dog or burger in celebration.