Ace Hardware parking lot was overflowing with Trump energy Wednesday evening. A tail-gate style rally filled the parking lot with cars and Trump supporters well before the arrival of the ‘Trump Train’ parade that gathered at the Bradford Mall parking lot and wove its way through town to arrive at the rally.

The parade of supporters lasted several minutes and included cars decorated with signs and flags showing Trump support.

Horns honked and cheers of “Four more years!” could be heard periodically during the rally.

Bradford City Mayor James McDonald emceed the event, introducing speakers and energizing the crowd. McKean County Republican Chairman Ken Kane spoke, along with State Rep. Martin Causer, R-Turtlepoint, and Cris Dush, candidate for the 25th District’s State Senate seat.

Kane encouraged those in attendance to get out and talk to people and work toward a “big turnout Nov 3.”

Kane commented, “We have the choice: a man who has everything we strive to have; wealth, a wonderful family, fame, recognition, who can have a very quiet and peaceful life but out of love of country, he exposed himself to absolute ridicule and daily attack. The comparison is someone who has made a living for 50 years on our tax dollars. Who do we want to elect?”

Causer spoke of his experience working with Dush, who currently represents the 66th Legislative District in the State House, noting they have worked well together for six years.

“Cris and I are going to represent this area in the coming year and work together for all of you in Harrisburg. But I’ll tell you what, every single office is important. So let’s get out there and take back our country,” Causer said.

Dush noted he has talked to constituents who have never seen the candidates for row officers visit their hometown. However, this year, that has happened.

“We’ve been leaving, in rural Pennsylvania, a half a million votes on the table. We need to step up. Nobody sits it out in rural Pennsylvania this year,” he said. “Are you going to get your family members out? Are you going to get your neighbors out? Are you going to get your friends that say, ‘I don’t vote because Philadelphia controls everything’ out to vote? ...We need it. Tell them they are the problem.”

Dush also recognized veterans in the crowd, asking those who served in Vietnam and elsewhere to raise a hand.

A lone protester marched along West Washington Street and later in front of the speakers, carrying a handwritten sign.

Originally, the rally was to be held indoors, but the level of interest resulted in the move to an outdoor location instead.