Pa. VFW honor Bradford police, firefighters for Front Line Workers Day

From left are Lt. Greg Lewis, Firefighter Evan Piganelli, Officer Joshua Frederoski, Firefighter Tony Crowley, VFW Commander Ron Peters, Firefighter Chris Salerno, VFW Senior Vice Commander Steven Belleville and Captain Jeffrey Kloss. The Pennsylvania State VFW presented both the Bradford City Police and Bradford City Firefighters awards for their dedication during Front Line Workers Day on Saturday.

Frontline workers around the nation have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, sometimes at risk to their own health, to ensure the health and safety of citizens. Acknowledging their hard work and sacrifices, Pennsylvania State VFW Commander Ron Peters signed a proclamation declaring Feb. 20 as “Front Line Workers Day.”

In the proclamation, frontline workers mentioned are “911 dispatchers, law enforcement officers, professional and volunteer firefighters, professional and volunteer medical services personnel, emergency management professionals, search and rescue teams, rescue pilots and divers, the Pennsylvania National Guard, medical services personnel and members of other organizations in the public safety sector.”

In recognition of Front Line Workers Day, Peters, along with Senior Vice Commander Steven Belleville, presented awards to the Bradford City Police and Bradford City Firefighters on Saturday at the Bradford Central Fire Station. Several members of the Bradford police and fire departments accepted the awards, including Lt. Greg Lewis, Firefighters Evan Piganelli, Tony Crowley and Chris Salerno, Officer Joshua Frederoski, and Captain Jeffrey Kloss.

Peters said he would leave it up to the VFWs throughout Pennsylvania on how they present their awards, as each community is different.

“This is all inclusive and people can get creative,” said Peters in a press release. “I would really like to see some recognition given to all these wonderful people.”

This is just one of the many ways he has been trying to get Pennsylvania’s VFWs involved in community outreach.

“Our organization is going through a change,” he explained. “Because we’re getting older, we are trying to reach out to the younger generation by doing things for the community — they want to be taking part in the community.”

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