On Friday night, Bradford City Police Chief Butch Bartlett called together representatives from local agencies to discuss ways to keep the community safe in the midst of the COVID-10 pandemic.

In attendance were representatives from the City of Bradford Police Department, Bradford Township Police Department, Port Allegany Police Department, Bradford City Fire Department/Bradford City Ambulance, Bradford Area Transport Service, Bradford Township Volunteer Fire Department and Bradford Area School District. Representatives from Bradford Regional Medical Center were also invited, though they declined.

“We discussed many topics of concern with this pandemic, with the primary topic being our agencies working together as a team, with a joint response if needed,” noted Bartlett in a press release.

In addition, the group reviewed the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations regarding the novel coronavirus, as well as ways to address community problems if they arise.

“We collectively recognize this is a situation we need to watch closely and continue to prepare for, with the hopes that this pandemic skips our community,” explained Bartlett. “Going forward, we would like our community to know we are taking this threat seriously and our departments will continue to work together to ensure the best possible outcome.”

Bartlett said the city will be holding future meetings to “keep all departments up to date on prevention techniques and public safety concerns.”

In the meantime, Bartlett asked the public to work with the city and follow all CDC and health department recommendations, call their primary care physician if they have any symptoms, limit travel out of the area and keep children home to limit exposure.

Bradford Mayor James McDonald added to “practice good basic hygiene all of the time” and to “make sure to avoid large groups of people for the time being, in order to keep the risk of infection and the spread of possible infection to an absolute minimum.”

McDonald suggested individuals contact their primary care physicians if they are feeling ill or have any questions or concerns.

For more information on COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus, visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov.

“I will update the public when and if any new information on the COVID-19/Coronavirus becomes available,” McDonald said in conclusion.