New look for intersections

The completed intersection at Main and Congress streets in Bradford has an eye-catching lattice pattern, which is designed as a traffic calming device to help avoid accidents with pedestrians.

Motorists on Main Street of Bradford lately may have found themselves asking, what’s up with the pattern on the pavement at the intersections?

Anita Dolan, Main Street manager at the Office of Economic and Community Development, had the answer.

“The lattice patterns are part of the traffic calming features of the streetscape,” she said. Main Street is in the midst of a streetscape project that has included new sidewalks, streetlights, street paving, crosswalks, curbing and more.

Dolan explained the lattice pattern is decorative, but serves the purpose of visually breaking up Main Street, too. The design is in place at the intersections of Main and Congress, and Main and Kennedy streets.

The patterns are meant to slow down the flow of traffic, making it safer for pedestrians, she said.

Those intersections have been the sites of accidents between cars and pedestrians in the past. “One of the issues was that there was a straight line of site down Main Street from Mechanic to Festival Way, with just the traffic light at Congress Street,” Dolan explained.

“By highlighting the intersections with bulb-out crossings, decorative lighting and the lattice work, we hope that drivers will slow down and be more aware of pedestrians.”

A crew from Laurel Asphalt has been working on Main Street, installing the crosswalks and the lattice pattern. The pattern isn’t just painted on top of the pavement. Rather, the crew heated the asphalt and installed the lattice in the pavement itself.