It’s nearly the middle of July, which means taking pets on fun adventures such as walks and car rides.

Despite the nice weather, if certain precautions are not taken, things can turn rather dangerous for pets.

Sereya Cunningham, an employee at the McKean County SPCA, said many cats like the heat, however being exposed to the heat for an extended period of time can be hazardous to felines. She also noted the heated surface of roads and sidewalks may burn animals’ paws.

According to the ASPCA’s website, pet owners should get their pets into the vet for an early summer check-up as heartworm can turn the dog days into bad days.

The ASPCA also suggests keeping pets away from property where products such as pesticides and weed killers have been used, as they can be poisonous to animals. Additionally, fireworks should not be used around pets nor should they be within reach of any pet as they contain substances that can be harmful to animals.

The loud noise and flashing emitted by fireworks can trigger seizures, cause disorientation and scare pets.

Some additional tips include not leaving pets in cars, leaving pets with plenty of water, turning on an air conditioner or fan and giving pets a shaded area to rest.