With many traditional events cancelled due to the pandemic and some still cautious about going out, it can be hard for couples to find new activities to engage in together. The Era compiled some ideas for those interested in trying out new ideas to make their date nights fun and interesting.

During the warmer months, some couples enjoy taking a stroll down to a local park to have a picnic for two. Since it’s currently too cold outside for a traditional picnic, why not throw a blanket on the floor and support some local businesses by picking up some pizza from Brick Oven Pizza and Catering along with some pastries from John William’s European Pastry Shop?

Looking to get out of the house without the actual travel? Airbnb now offers virtual experiences, such as dance classes, magic shows, virtual escape rooms and virtual tours. To find out more and for pricing, visit www.airbnb.com and click on “virtual experiences.”

Another idea is for couples to set a budget and go to get each other a small gift within a specified theme, such as a favorite snack, something in a favorite color or a favorite drink. For gift ideas, check out the Main Street Mercantile or the Tin Ceiling Gift Shoppe. To add to the fun, turn it into a scavenger hunt. Hide a series of clues throughout the house that leads to the small gifts that were purchased.

Additionally, online gaming platforms such as Jackbox Games allow couples to get together as teams to play quiz-based party games over the internet. Once a game package is purchased, it can be used at any time, with most games suggested for up to eight players. All that is needed is a computer or tablet and internet access. For more information, visit www.jackboxgames.com.

Want to grab a drink and socialize with other couples but don’t want to leave the house? Grab your favorite alcohol, mixers, snacks and computer with a webcam and have a cocktail night over the Zoom platform. To add a special touch, design invitations to be sent either via the U.S. Mail or email and let the fun begin.

Enjoy gourmet food, but don’t want to head out to your favorite fine dining restaurant? There are a wide variety of cooking tutorials on YouTube and other internet sites. After making an ingredient list and grabbing the items from the local grocery store, cook a gourmet meal together. When done, light some candles, put on some classical music, pop open a bottle of champagne and enjoy.

We would love to hear what inventive ideas our readers have come up with during the pandemic for a ‘Round the Square. Send your ideas to news@bradfordera.com.

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