Bradford woman jailed for assault allegations

A Bradford woman is in McKean County Jail for allegations that she caused a disturbance in the Bradford Regional Medical Center emergency room and kicked a police officer.

Leann R. McAndrew, 34, of 9 McClellan St., was arraigned Monday night before District Judge Dominic Cercone on charges of simple assault, a second-degree misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct, a third-degree misdemeanor.

According to the criminal complaint, at 9:20 p.m. Monday, Bradford City Police were dispatched to Bradford Regional Medical Center for a report of a disruptive patient. Officers entered the emergency room and were directed to McAndrew’s room.

She was screaming, saying she did not want to go to the mental health floor, the complaint stated. She was told multiple times to stop screaming and swearing, as she was disturbing the whole ER, but refused.

Officers were asked to help BRMC security take McAndrew to the mental health floor. When they entered her room and told her she was going upstairs, she started to swear and scream again, and she refused to stand up and walk downstairs, court records indicated.

When they tried to put her in handcuffs and get her in a wheelchair, McAndrew kicked Patrolman Terry Fuqua in the right knee.

McAndrew is incarcerated in McKean County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 21.


Bradford man accused

buying alcohol for minors

A Bradford man is facing allegations that he purchased alcohol at Country Fair for two juveniles.

Justin M. Schlopy, 29, of 21 Park St., was arraigned Tuesday afternoon before District Judge Dominic Cercone on a charge of furnishing liquor to a minor, a third-degree misdemeanor.

The criminal complaint states that at 2:22 p.m. July 6, a female reported to Bradford City Police that Schlopy just purchased alcohol and provided it to a couple of male juveniles. She said the juveniles were at that moment walking just around the corner from the station, and one was hiding a bottle under his shirt.

An officer found Schlopy and two juveniles in the CVS parking lot, and the officer could see that one of the juveniles was concealing something under his shirt. The officer told the boy to give him the item he was hiding under his shirt. The boy hesitated, so the officer told him again to give him the item he was hiding under his shirt. The boy pulled out an unopened bottle of MD 20/20, according to the complaint.

The officer told all three to step in front of his patrol vehicle; all three started to walk away from the officer, but Schlopy eventually listened. The officer said that Schlopy bought alcohol for the minors, and Schlopy denied it, court records stated.

The officer obtained video footage from Country Fair that showed Schlopy buying a bottle of MD 20/20 while the two juveniles were waiting in the parking lot. Schlopy meets the two juveniles in the parking lot with the bottle in his hand. The three males leave the camera view briefly, then reappear walking up Mechanic Street toward East Washington Street. When they reappear, Schlopy no longer has the bottle in his hand, according to the complaint.

Schlopy is in McKean County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bail, and a preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 21.