TOPS #16

The weekly meeting of Take Off Pounds Sensibly #16 was held at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the First Presbyterian Church on 54 E. Corydon St. with just a weigh-in.

Assistant Weight Recorder Barb Smead and Jessie Skillman weighed in 11 members with a loss of 11.5 pounds and one staying the same, one keeping a food chart and 11 excused.

Best Loser in Waiting is Carol Zeigler, and Officer of the Week is Barb Smead.

Members are reminded that there will be no meeting next week on Nov. 25.


TOPS #623

SMETHPORT — The weekly meeting of Take Off Pounds Sensibly #623 was held Tuesday evening with weigh-ins at 4:30 p.m. at Chico’s Cafe and Bake Shoppe located at 101 W. Main Street in Smethport.

Nine members weighed in with a loss of 6.2 pounds with Marilyn as best loser. Gail was presented a certificate for being the best loser in October.

Amy announced there will be a Zoom meeting for ARD on Saturday.

Members are to stay away from fried foods this week. Kathy will get cards for two members who have been staying home, and the group will sign them. Sue presented a program modeled off of Jeopardy with categories on exercise and healthy eating habits.


TOPS #1704

On Monday evening, eight members weighed in at Take Off Pounds Sensibly chapter #1704 with a weight loss of 18.2 pounds. Harold was the weekly best loser in waiting and Lonnie was the officer of the week. Members are to skip the pasta and spoon up some yogurt this week.

The weekly program was about handling cravings when they strike. Discussion was held about why members crave items, is it out of boredom, nervous/worried, depressed or stressed out simply because something is in the house. When do you tend to snack? Ideas were shared on how to handle one’s situations to help keep the pounds off by not adding extra snacking.

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