A wide variety of topics were discussed during a meeting of the Bradford Area School Board on Monday, from changes to the academic calendar to a student testing positive for COVID-19 at School Street Elementary School.

During the meeting, Superintendent Katy Pude explained how the new calendar structure inadvertently took meeting and planning time away from teachers, who are now not only planning for in-school instruction, but also for online instruction. To address this, the board built in three-hour delays on six Mondays, including Nov. 16, Dec. 7, Feb. 8, March 15, April 19 and May 10. The revised calendar was unanimously approved by board members.

In personnel changes, Kimberley Swanson was moved from assistant principal to principal at George G. Blaisdell Elementary School, with a salary of $87,449.83, effective Oct 13.

Tenure was unanimously awarded to Samantha Behan, Michele Jack, Stephen Joblon and Merinda Lawrence.

Resignations included John Cwanek, part-time bus driver, effective Oct. 30 for the purpose of retirement after 7 years of service; Lucas Sisler, part-time bus driver, effective Sept. 11; and Michele Miller, full-time general aide at GGB, effective Sept. 30 after 17 years of service.

The following coaches were approved for the 2020-2021 season, including James Miller, head varsity wrestling coach; Mark Havers, Jr., asst. varsity wrestling coach; Stefan Chaussard, head middle school wrestling coach; Michael Gow, asst. Middle school wrestling coach; Brian Hobbs, head varsity boys’ basketball coach; Tanner Gooden, junior varsity boys’ basketball coach; Jason Blatchley, head middle school boys’ basketball coach; Matthew Dennis, asst. middle school boys’ basketball coach; Robert Hannon, head varsity girls’ basketball coach; Randy Ruffner, junior varsity girls’ basketball coach; Nicole Lohrman, head middle school volleyball coach; Kristie Steffan, asst. middle school volleyball coach; Jeffery Cattoni, head varsity swimming coach and Meghan Hollenbeck, asst. varsity swimming coach.

During the Superintendent’s report, Pude discussed how a student at School Street Elementary School had been diagnosed with COVID-19. She stated that the district followed its health and safety plan, notifying the department of health and parents of the diagnosis.

Staff and students who came in contact with the infected student will be quarantined for the recommended period of time.

“Unfortunately COVID-19 is spreading in our area and we have to be extra diligent,” said Pude. “We followed our plan to a ‘T’ and it worked well. That class will be quarantining and we did a deep cleaning, especially in that classroom.”

Upon closing the meeting, board member Shane Oschman, asked for a round of applause for how well the parents, students and faculty have been handling changes during this difficult time.