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As people live longer, they struggle with the challenge of a breaking-down body, fizzling finances and what old even means. 

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Monday, October 17, 2022
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As people live longer, they struggle with the challenge of a breaking-down body, fizzling finances and what old even means. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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Monday, October 10, 2022
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Women who survive breast cancer can serve as beacons of strength, encouragement and hope. Each story is as unique as the individual who lived it, but many of them share one commonality: It started with a mammogram.

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Scrolling through Instagram, you might notice a few “armpit selfies.” It’s usually a wellness blogger flaunting an armpit, covered in what looks like a charcoal face mask. Not sure why we’re suddenly masking our pits? Armpit detoxification is the latest trend taking over the wellness community. It stems from the thought that traditional antiperspirants that block sweat actually clog the sweat ducts, stopping them from secreting. The purpose of armpit detoxification is to rid the body of toxins that build up over time, particularly in the sweat glands. Armpit detoxification may help reduce the amount of sweat and odor these glands produce.

It is a tough situation that can also be uncomfortable—a colleague is diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness, and you want to do something, but you don’t want to interfere or impose. Theresa Dils recounts her story and how her co-workers were supportive during her cancer treatment.

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More Americans than ever before in are legally taking prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical prices are increasing about 8 percent per year – more than four times the rate of wage growth and inflation. Consequently, if you want the top brand name pharmaceuticals, you may, depending on what your health plan covers, be paying a hefty chunk of change to get them.

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As you get older, household chores become more difficult. Follow these suggestions to make cleaning easier and pain-free.

Monday, August 22, 2022
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As guys race through life, many of us forget to make a pit stop and properly fuel our bodies. Fast food and microwave meals become routine, and our cooking skills get rusty.