I was just reading the article about breathing life into another building for professional offices.

Do we really need more offices?

I wish someone who is connected with Bradford would breathe a little fresh air into something that will benefit a group of people, instead of creating offices.

We have a nice, big apartment house for low-income residents, and there are upper-end apartments, but we have nothing for the in-betweeners who make too much for low-income apartments, but not enough for high-end living.

We are the people who are tired of trying to pay taxes, pay to have grass cut, driveways plowed, upkeep, etc. We are people who have lived in Bradford all our lives and have been a big part of the community.

What’s the problem? Isn’t there any money to be made? Will it upset tax rolls?

The Congress Street Apartments are a good concept, but we need something that is well taken care of and kept up to date. These places should not be built on a hill. Emery Towers is the best example.

The lack of middle-level apartments has been a big problem for many years. We need renovation and vitalization for our people, not just buildings, streetscapes and fancy expensive lighting.

Marjorie McGavisk, Bradford

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