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Consumers are filing a class-action lawsuit against Sazerac Company, Inc., the maker of Fireball whiskey, alleging fraud and misrepresentation.

According to multiple sources the suit claims that the mini bottles of the popular alcoholic beverage labeled as "Fireball Cinnamon" do not actually contain whiskey but instead are a blend of malt beverage and wine.

The $0.99 bottles are sold in over 170,000 stores, including gas stations and grocery stores, leading some customers to believe they contain liquor.

The lawsuit alleges that the product description implies the drink contains whiskey, when it actually uses only whiskey flavor. The complaint also claims that the lack of whiskey in the drink makes it overpriced at $0.99 for a 1.7 fluid ounce bottle.

Sazerac Company has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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