AMERICAN PRIDE: Gerry Ford of Smethport shared a moment that gave him great pride recently.

“I was at American Legion Riders DEC in Grantville with my Granddaughter Zephyer whom is 7 years old, it was time to salute the Flag so I stood up with the crowd and she did also. I put my hand up to salute and she placed her hand on her heart and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. She never missed a word, I was the proudest person in the room.

Thank You Smethport Area School District for teaching our children to Honor and Respect our country’s American Flag. I am very proud to have grown up here and continue to live here. God Bless America.”


NATIONAL PARENTS DAY OFF: Today is a newly recognized holiday, according to, “All parents deserve a day off. On September 14th, National Parents Day Off brings an opportunity for parents to recharge and get some much-deserved recognition.

Parents are the organizers, cheerleaders, teachers, and directors of the family. They wear many hats and rarely have a moment for themselves. Yet, they are dedicated to raising successful, well-adjusted children.

Once school starts, parents have a window of time to take a breather. While we know carpools, after-school activities and school projects seem never-ending, taking time for yourself benefits you and the entire family.

The website also shares the history of the day, noting “Epic founded National Parents Day Off in 2021 to show their appreciation for parents and encourage them to take a much-deserved break. Designed for unlimited discovery and unmatched safety, Epic is the leading digital reading platform for kids.”