Adilynn Brown, left, and her friends hold up a check showing the funds they raised for the Kids with Cancer foundation last year

It’s rare to see children go out of their way to help others in their community, but one Bradford girl has shown that she is willing to go the extra mile to help those in need.

Adilynn Brown, 8, has been raising money for the Kids & Cancer Benefit Run in Bradford for what will be three years in July.

Since she can remember, Adilynn, a strong spirited and friendly young girl, has wanted to help the people in her community. “I always saw the St. Jude commercials for the children’s hospital about helping kids. It made me want to help,” she said.

The commercial inspired her to orchestrate a plan; invite a few of her friends for a sleepover and start a fund to help other kids.

Jessica Stull, her mother, remembers the night very well. “She set up the whole thing without me knowing. I kind of held back from allowing her to have the sleepover, seeing as she was only 6 at the time. That was until she told me her idea,” she said.

As soon as Stull understood what Adilynn was planning, she took to social media to inquire about any local organization that could help her daughter with her plans.

Someone working with The Kids & Cancer Benefit Run quickly reached out to Stull with information on how Adilynn could bring her idea to life.

When Adilynn heard the news, she immediately called her friends and began working on ideas. With the members of her young group, she decided she would sell hot dogs and other goodies outside of the Walmart, and it’s been a success ever since.

Adilynn has been exceeding her goal each year, and this year she hopes for the same.

“Last year, we raised about $2,600 and we hope to make it past $3,000 this year,” she said.

Her father, Andrew Brown, proudly lets his daughter run the operation, trusting her to be responsible.

“I’ve been behind her on this all the way. It’s for a good cause and she’s right on track. I just do what I can as a parent to help her through it, but she’s got it all under control,” he said.

Stull and Brown are extremely proud of their daughter’s choice to keep the donations local.

“We were eager for her to help, but we wanted to make sure she kept it local, so she can see the impact herself,” Stull said.

Adilynn and her friends plan to be at the same spot again from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 1 and 2 in front of the Walmart Supercenter to raise additional funds.
The annual benefit run for motorcycles is slated to begin July 22 at the Zippo Manufacturing Co. parking lot on Congress Street in Bradford. Registration will start at 9 a.m. and the motorcycles will depart at noon. For more information on the run, visit the website at or call (814) 331-8427

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