Bradford Sanitary Authority announced the Stormwater Review of properties in the City of Bradford is complete, and all 168 parcels, including 69 where an in-depth review was required, have undergone a review of the data as necessary.

Bradford Sanitary Authority Director Steve Disney noted that “a total of 12 residential city parcels will be receiving written notices that they were inadvertently overlooked during the initial survey review and storm water program initiation. Notices will indicate that beginning with their next water and sewer billing, they will be billed a stormwater residential fee of $15.80 ($7.90/month).”

Two commercial city properties were modified “with the addition of impervious area during a records review including demolition and building permits, which constitutes a new stormwater review of the property to determine the total square footage of impervious area added to the parcel.”

Disney reported that written notices will be sent to these commercial property owners indicating that beginning with their next water, sewer and storm billing, that their stormwater fee has been increased to align with their new total impervious area and that, going forward, the City of Bradford will be providing copies of these permits to BSA for a stormwater review.

Recent summer rains have been keeping field crews busy with calls and issues.

“The last couple weeks have had us in and out of numerous wet weather events. Significant flows have occurred,” Disney reported, explaining that one storm dropped 1.32 inches of rain in 35 minutes on Interstate Parkway, Jackson Avenue, Constitution Avenue and Seaward Avenue. The downtown area did not seem to be as dramatically impacted.

Disney stated, “The fortunate thing is that these events have been coming in relatively short durations and there has been an adequate break between them in order for the plant to react. This past Saturday totaled 1.95 inches of rainfall. Process flow for Saturday was 18 million gallons, normal daily processing is 3-4 million gallons.”

Also, BSA reported that they are on target with all sampling from the industries and are up to date with the semi-annual reporting requirements.

Meanwhile, the Authority has verified that United Refining (Kwik Fill) will not be renewing their discharge permit.

“Their remediation has come to an end, and we’ll be meeting with them (Wednesday) on-site for a final disconnection inspection,” Disney said.