PITTSBURGH (AP) — Owners of alligators and other dangerous reptiles in Pittsburgh will be required to register their pets with the city under an ordinance that was approved Tuesday.

The ordinance requires owners of alligators, crocodiles and venomous snakes to store and transport their pets in escape-proof containers.

The owners must also provide the city with a list of each reptile they own. Rooms and buildings housing the animals also must be posted with notice that they contain reptiles.

City Councilwoman Darlene Harris, who sponsored the bill, said regulations are needed, particularly after a number of loose alligators appeared in the city in recent months.

At least four alligators were captured from May to October in the city and surrounding municipalities, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

Harris amended the bill to exclude licensed animal owners, including zoos and zoological parks.

First-time violators could face a $300 fine per reptile. Repeat offenders could be assessed a fine of $10,000 per reptile.

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