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PITTSBURGH, March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Penn Business Group on Health, HealthCare 21 in Knoxville, TN, and the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health today announce they are launching an initiative to help better inform employers about the impact of COVID-19.

The combined efforts of the business groups are leveraging their healthcare data partner, Pittsburgh-based Innovu, to track populations in their states relative to the effect of COVID-19 on their members and the virus's potential economic impact on business. Diane Hess, Executive Director for the Central Penn Business Group on Health stated the "insights gleaned from the Innovu platform allow employers to make quick decisions about healthcare coverage in response to employee needs and concerns."

In response to the current crisis, all three business groups have directed Innovu to track COVID-19 testing beginning in April when the codes are released to the providers for billing. In addition to tracking COVID-19 testing, they have asked Innovu to track certain claims categories that may be impacted in utilization or cost. Of specific benefit to Innovu clients is the ability for them to access customized dashboards and view any subset of their population as frequently as they desire. "Quick access to data is essential in helping employers proactively address gaps in care created by this extraordinary circumstance," Gaye Fortner, President and CEO of HealthCare 21, said.

Additionally, the business groups are concerned about the other societal impacts, so they have asked Innovu to measure changes to claims regarding mental health and substance abuse, overall claim trends, and impact on patients with chronic conditions.  The analyses requested will be compared against Innovu's vast benchmark to identify cohorts by age bands, geography and industry. "Employers are faced with an unprecedented challenge in ensuring their employees are getting access to the care they need should they require it," said Jessica Brooks, CEO and executive director, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health. "Employers must rely on relevant, real-time data to inform their decisions as to how they help protect the viability of their organizations while safeguarding their workforce."

The coalition directors also noted all of the employers and advisors who work with Innovu within their coalitions will receive specific utilization reports provided by Innovu. All three coalitions also plan to share their insights with their broader communities to assist in the delivery of high-quality cost-effective care for all those affected by the COVID-19 virus. Please visit these websites for more information on the business groups:

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