POETRY: Today we share a poem from USAF Veteran and Bradford resident Donald Neal:

Forgotten Veterans

It is a shame that we have forgotten,

The ones who died in foreign wars.

Those who gave their lives for our freedom,

That freedom which is mine and yours.

We have also forgotten the ones who returned,

Some disabled in body and mind.

Who now must live in poverty,

For no jobs they can find.

They served their country in battle,

They answered their country’s call.

Some returned to fight again,

While others gave their all.

All veterans should be honored,

Even if the job they did was small.

They were there to protect our freedom,

It was worth it after all.

Now when people see them on the street,

They pass them with their nose in the air.

They have forgotten they are heroes,

It seems they just don’t care.

So if you are thankful for your freedoms,

And any veteran you may see.

Stop and thank him for his service,

He fought to keep America free.

Ways to honor a veteran: There are numerous ways you can recognize those in our area who served to keep the USA free. Visit a nursing home. Say hello to veterans who live there, and take some time to sit and talk to those who enjoy a visitor or to read them.

Make a visit to a VA Hospital. Call ahead and sign up to volunteer for the day, providing your assistance to those who need it now because they fought for our freedom.

Visit the local cemetery and decorate graves that belong to veterans who have passed away.

Reach out to local veterans associations and see if they have members who need help with yardwork or maintenance around their home.

Visit a museum. The World War II museum in Eldred tells the stories of many local veterans, complete with memorabilia from their time in the military.

Make Thank You cards for veterans and send them to your local VA organization. They can pass them out to veterans who may not get thanked for their service.

Make a scrapbook of memories from those in your family who served in the military.