ZIPPO: An article published July 8 on focused on a familiar topic — Zippo lighters.

The article was written by Ben Romans and titled “Our 10 favorite customized Zippos for Hunters and Fishermen.”

The article highlights some of the artwork on the famed lighter, after noting “Named after the famous “zip” sound it makes upon igniting, the Zippo’s roots run deep in Bradford, Pennsylvania, but with over 500 million lighters produced since 1933, you can find one of these flint-wheeled, wick-burning torches all over the world.”

The author does note that Zippo has numerous lighters designed with the hunter or fisherman in mind. These 10 are his particular choice for their unique artwork and style.

“The Beer Bear” is a quirky image of a bear with deer antlers against a bright orange background. “The Remington Elk” pays homage to the brand that has earned and maintained hunters’ devotion for decades.

“The Patriotic Whitetail” has a background of red, white and blue and a foreground depiction of a mounted deer skull. “The Angry Grizz” grabs your attention with the formidable appearance of a predator in full fury.

“The Silver Lab” shows a hunter’s faithful companion, standing at attention and awaiting the next command. “The Personal Note” has a photographic-quality depiction of a whitetail with a forest background, and this particular lighter allows personalization of up to five lines to make it truly unique.

“The Hungry Hawg” captures a fish mid-leap and a bird mid-flight, possibly about to meet its doom. “The Bullseye” offers a design that shows prowess with a rifle from a distance, with closely gathered marks on a target.