FRENCH FRY DAY: Monday was National French Fry Day. In honor of the holiday, even though we are a day late, we will share some interesting details about one of nation’s favorite foods.

POLE BEANS: After reading our columns on beans last week, Bob Rusiewski added his two cents on why he prefers growing pole beans.

HEAT: It’s been pretty hot lately, and AAA East Central has issued a reminder for people to be especially vigilant about keeping children and pets safe from vehicular heatstroke.

SUMMER: With COVID-19 continuing to place limitations on social activities and engagements, people may increasingly turn to grilling, fire pits, and other at-home outdoor activities this summer. With that understanding, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is providing important r…

WARM WEATHER SAFETY MINUTE: With summer officially here, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is kicking off its “Warm Weather Safety Minute” campaign, highlighting simple tips anyone can follow to stay safe.

GROWING BEANS, PART 2: Beans benefit from soil that has been mixed with a bit of compost. After planting, mulch the ground surface to preserve soil moisture and deter weeds. Be sure that the plants get about an inch of water per week. Water the soil, not the plants. To ensure a long harvest …

GROWING STRING BEANS: For a beginning vegetable gardener, snap beans, aka string beans (Phaseolus vulgaris), can be one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow. There is almost as much variety in the types, colors and methods to grow this vegetable as there are in the ways to use them in th…

America: Donald Neal, a Bradford resident, shared this poem with us in honor of America and the beauty of our nation.

STAY SAFE: The Fourth of July is just ahead, a time when people typically enjoy the summer holiday with backyard barbecues, fireworks or water fun. But this year, celebrating Independence Day will be different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The American Red Cross offers safety tips yo…

MARS: Mars is currently in our predawn sky, but will soon be visible late at night … and then at sunset. By October, Mars will outshine Jupiter.

BIG BANG FACTS: NASA recently shared a refresher on the Big Bang — the event that gave rise to our universe. For those who haven’t thought about anything space related in some time, it occurred some 13.8 billion years ago.

SPACE NEWS: Astronomers have found a new exoworld, less than twice the size of Earth, which orbits the sunlike star Kepler-160, just over 3,000light-years from our solar system. The planet’s distance from its star appears similar to that of Earth’s distance from our sun.

WELLSBORO RACCOON HUNT: Not the real furry critters, but the characters from author Kevin Coolidge’s book, which he signed during an event at On the Side Books in Bradford.

FIREFLY FESTIVAL: The FREE Virtual Stay-At-Home PA Firefly Festival will take place online today.

WILDLIFE ON WIFI: The Game Commission is extending the Wildlife on WiFi virtual learning campaign and offering new field-based virtual education opportunities. While schools are out for the summer, the need for virtual learning resources remains and the Game Commission is committed to connec…

PARKING ON MAIN TODAY: Just a reminder that Main Street in Bradford will be closed to parking today while street painting is underway. Painting is set to begin at 9 a.m. and the contractor hopes to finish by 6 p.m.

NUMBERS: We all know that fewer people call our region home than do urban areas of the state.

NEIGHBORS: Having to remain indoors during lockdown means getting creative when communicating with family and friends, such as via video calling apps. However, it is also the perfect opportunity to get to know the person or people who live in the home next to you, considering you are both li…

POETRY: Frances Haight of Kane shared some poems with us about both big and little blessings. We are passing them along to our readers.

SOLSTICE AT STONEHENGE: The annual celebration of the June solstice at the Stonehenge monument is canceled this year due to Covid-19. But for the 1st time, you can celebrate the 1st sunrise of Northern Hemisphere summer from Stonehenge online.


Shares were mostly higher in Asia on Wednesday as investors were encouraged by news that an experimental COVID-19 vaccine under development by Moderna and the U.S. National Institutes of Health revved up people’s immune systems just as desired.


BEIRUT (AP) — Facing a worsening economic crisis and with little chance of Western or oil-rich Arab countries providing assistance without substantial reforms, Lebanon’s cash-strapped government is looking east, hoping to secure investments from China that could bring relief.

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Summer is back, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the cancellation of festivals, concerts and other large gatherings, people who enjoy being among nature are enjoying the outdoors. Given social distancing and other public health safety measures that are still in place across much of the country —particularly large, urban areas — hiking, camping and fishing can be great ways to pass the time and still be safe.

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The question of how much liquid to consume daily basis has no simple answer. Several studies have shown differing recommendations. However, specific fluid needs depend on several factors, which include overall health, location and even level of activeness. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but knowing more about the body’s need for liquids can help in estimating how much ought to be sipped up.

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Independence Day is around the corner. Families are likely prepping to watch or set off fireworks and sparklers. However, the Fourth of July celebration might turn a fun-filled day into a painful memory if caution isn’t properly exercised. Even the most innocent-looking fire displays can lead to injuries or an actual fire. Consider these safety tips to enjoy the holiday without going to the emergency room.

BEIRUT (AP) — Facing a worsening economic crisis and with little chance of Western or oil-rich Arab countries providing assistance without substantial reforms, Lebanon’s cash-strapped government is looking east, hoping to secure investments from China that could bring relief.