Red Sun Rising

Loudwire Magazine recently released their 30 Best Hard Rock Albums and 40 Best Hard Rock Songs lists –– Red Sun Rising’s “Thread” earning the second spot on the 30 Best Hard Rock Albums list and “Fascination” earning the sixth spot on the 40 Best Hard Rock Songs list.

Guitarist and Bradford native Dave McGarry described the honors as just that –– an honor.

“It’s an honor and it’s still surreal. I’ve been in this band touring with these huge names for three years and some of them I still idolize,” McGarry said. “I often have ‘pinch me’ moments when I find out we are sharing a green room with someone famous or I’m on the same side of the stage as a favorite or sit down next to these people at catering.”

Red Sun Rising’s music was ranked higher than the work of notorious names including Slash, Five Finger Death Punch, and Marilyn Manson.

“When it comes to having our album ranked higher, the music that we wrote, it makes me feel accomplished and reassures me that we are doing the right thing, and it’s working,” he added.

McGarry believes that the band separates itself from others by not limiting itself to one particular style or genre of music.

“We aren’t limited to writing a certain type of song –– whether it’s rock, metal or alternative. We just write what we feel and what comes out. All the songs start out on an acoustic guitar, if you can’t play your music stripped down to the core with a vocal and guitar, what kind of longevity does it really have? Our harmonies set us apart as well, not a lot of bands have three singers that utilize those moments,” he said. He added that their music is recorded live in the studio as opposed to using several tracks.

Despite the success of many rock artists, some musicians believe that rock music is dead or is going nowhere. Maroon 5’s Adam Levine –– for example –– recently said, “rock music is nowhere, really” and said, “all of the innovation and the incredible things happening in music are in hip-hop.” However, as a rock musician himself, McGarry has seen enough to know Levine’s claim isn’t quite the case.

“Of course he would say that, he’s killing it in that genre. But he’s always been on the alternative/pop side,” he said. “If you ask some of the biggest names in rock right now, like Godsmack, Shinedown, etc., they would disagree. They haven’t had careers for 20 plus years because rock is dead.”

McGarry said, “I was recently on tour with both bands, playing arenas and amphitheaters. Then you look at festival season, there were 50,000 people at Rock on the Range and we played the main stage. It’s not dead, it just might not be the most popular genre like it used to and that’s fine because everything comes full circle. Those songs die, and the real music never does.”

McGarry’s advice for aspiring musicians is “practice, practice, practice.”

“Always continue learning and don’t have an ego, that doesn’t get you anywhere. Stay humble, having a great attitude is half the battle. As a songwriter, always try to write the best, real and relatable song as you can,” McGarry said. “Be yourself, don’t try to follow the the time you get to it, it already changed.”

He gave some of his back story as an example.

“I wanted to move away from Bradford for a little while, just to see what a city was like. So I auditioned for bands, got in one, toured in a van for several discouraging years and never gave up,” he said. “My advice is to never throw in the towel and waste your talent, you will regret it.”

Many locals have probably wondered if the band will come to Bradford. McGarry has high hopes for making that happen.

“We actually recently joined forces with Zippo Encore and I’m sure we will have a Zippo Session soon enough,” he said. “Hopefully in the spring when the weather breaks.”

Red Sun Rising is currently on tour, tonight they are in Kansas City, Mo. where they will be playing at The Riot Room.