Home brewers

Brooke Weller, organizer of the Home Brewers Expo, prepares to taste the pumpkin stout beer he just made.

WELLSBORO — This Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m., the first Home Brewers Expo will be in the Gallery at the Warehouse Theatre, 3 Central Avenue in Wellsboro.

All proceeds will support Asa’s Place.

Adults, 21 and over are invited to meet the brewers, sample the area’s finest home brewed beers and for $10 cast a vote for their favorite. Bring identification.

Home brewed beer entries are being accepted through this Friday, according to organizer Brooke Weller.

“Home brewers who are interested are welcome to get in touch with me,” he said. Each home brewer is asked to bring at least five gallons of the beer he or she makes. Whether it is served in a keg or bottles is up to the brewer.

At least 13 home brewed beers will be served this Saturday, including pumpkin stout, New England-style IPA, Kentucky Common, Dunkelweizen, honey blueberry blonde ale, golden ale, spruce tip ale, pale ale, ginger Hefeweizen, American pale ale, pumpkin ale, another IPA and a wet hopped blonde ale. Eight brewers made the 13 beers; six of them are attending the expo.

In 2008, Weller graduated from Wellsboro High School and in 2014 moved to Maine. He has been brewing beer ever since. The idea for the Home Brewers Expo at Wellsboro came from a charity organization in Bangor, Maine. “They would invite home brewers to bring five gallons of their beer,” Weller said. “There would be about 40 gallons of home brewed beer and 150 people would show up, try the beers and vote for their favorites and the proceeds would go to a charity. As a home brewer, I participated in those events,” said Weller.

“After I moved back to the Wellsboro area in 2018, I realized there aren’t as many home brewers here as there were in Maine. So I decided to organize this expo as a way to raise awareness about home brewed beers, to benefit a charity and to have some fun,” he said.

“What I love about making beer is the process,” said Weller. “There is a lot of science behind it and I’m really into that. What I like about it is sharing the different types of beer I make with others and getting their feedback, both positive and negative.”

For more information about participating as a home brewer at the expo, contact Weller at brookeweller7@gmail.com.

For tickets, call 570-724-6220 or visit www.deanecenter.com.