New sign

The Penn Brad Oil Museum has a new totem pole in front of its facility thanks to a grant from the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to the Lumber Heritage Region.

Those who travel on U.S. Route 219 just may notice something new in front of the Penn Brad Oil Museum.

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Lumber Heritage Region –– which covers 15 counties in Pennsylvania –– is implementing a project to construct totem poles with arrows pointing to other attractions in each county covered by the Heritage Region.

Steve Manginell, outreach coordinator for the Heritage Region, explained to The Era the idea behind the totem poles is to move visitors throughout the region to visit the various attractions the region has to offer.

“We put together a committee to move people throughout the region. Among those meetings in that committee, we came up with the idea for a totem pole with the Lumber Heritage logo at the top, the location of where the totem sits underneath the logo and arrows pointing people in the direction of other attractions,” Manginell said.

He added people have given positive feedback about the poles that have already been put up.

“We’re starting to see people ask about them; people are getting excited. Other venues are asking when they can get in on the program,” Manginell explained. “Right now, it’s tough since the Lumber Heritage Region covers 15 counties and we have a two-person crew.”

Manginell said he hopes to see other regions in the Keystone State take note from the totem pole project and help increase their traffic.

“It’s simple and it’s not only great for moving people about, but it’s also great for all your social media interactions –– such as pictures. That’s a selfie spot, right there,” he said.

The outreach coordinator noted the arrows pointing to various other attractions have not yet been installed onto the sign but will be in the near future.