CLEARFIELD — Starting today, a Yankee Dryer super load will be transported from the Port of Erie to First Quality Tissue in the city of Lock Haven — a distance of more than 300 miles.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is alerting regional drivers that this super load will impact traffic along numerous routes from Erie County to Clinton County, including through Elk County.

Drivers will need to remain alert for this slow-moving operation, which will travel at speeds lower than 15 miles-per-hour.

The route will include 15.2 miles on Route 948 in Elk County, half a mile on Main Street of Ridgway, 3.9 miles on U.S. Route 219 including Boot Jack Hill to Route 153 South near Brockport, where it will pass into Clearfield County.

Ace Heavy Haul of Chelsea, Okla., will transport the load. Travel dates will run from today through Dec. 13. The travel schedule includes the weekend. Movement is expected to be during daylight hours only. Movement could be impacted or delayed by winter weather.

The super load travel plan will involve nine counties and will feature cross-overs and unusual traffic patterns.

Flaggers will be positioned at specific locations and intersections along the super load route to assist movements through intersections and control traffic during counterflow movements.

Roadway message boards will be in place as the super load moves through specific areas to alert drivers of the restrictions and traffic delays. Pennsylvania State Police will accompany the transport to enhance safety.