The Tins


Bradford-based rock band Marshmellow Overcoat is playing a show in Bradford this Saturday with popular touring band The Tins.

The event will take place at Afterwords, located under Beefeaters Restaurant at 27 Congress Street.

The Tins, based out of Buffalo, N.Y., weave captivating harmonic anthems into a sonic fabric laced with threads of ‘60s psychedelic pop, static-washed folk, and new-wave art rock. USA Today called the band “brilliant pop exuberance.”

Marshmellow Overcoat and The Tins met during the recording of Overcoat’s latest album, “Jumping Sharks.” Band members — Tyler Calkins, Dave Verbocy, Alan Hancock and Anthony Cavallaro — put in over six months of writing, rehearsing and performing. Mike Santillo and Justin Smith of The Tins and Mammoth Recording Studio helped the band shape several of the recordings.

“Jumping Sharks” is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. CDs can be purchased through Marshmellow Overcoat’s website, and at all of the band’s shows. The album has been the band’s most successful work to date.

This weekend’s show will run from 9 p.m. until midnight with both bands playing a set featuring their original music.