Andrew Kulp poses with a giant check from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Many people start off the new year with aspirations to lose weight, be more productive and become more organized, but what if you could start it off with a large sum of cash?

That’s how Andy Kulp from Roulette, along with two other Pennsylvania residents, are starting off the year after winning the Pennsylvania Lottery. Kulp won $100,000 from a Powerball ticket he purchased at Drabee’s Mini Mart in Roulette, while another $100,000 winner was identified at Crosby’s on South Avenue in Bradford. In addition, Erie resident Leeann Wolfe won a $4 million prize in the New Year’s Day Mega Millions drawing from a ticket purchased at GetGo convenience store on Peach Street in Erie.

“I was kind of stunned when I saw the post on Facebook that they had sold a $100,000 ticket at Drabee’s Mini Mart where I bought mine,” Kulp recalled. “I thought, ‘I better go check my ticket.’ I went out to my car to check my ticket and I had won.”

If you’re looking for recommendations on being the next big winner, Kulp didn’t have much to offer, as he said he rarely buys more than one lottery ticket a year. He did however, have one piece of advice:

“If you’re going to play it, make sure you do the Power Play. If I hadn’t done the Power Play, I would’ve only got $50,000. The Power Play doubles the amount that you get,” he said. “If they want to win, they have to play. It’s the only way you’re gonna do it.”

Due to the fact that he always lets the machine pick his numbers, he has no real strategy when purchasing the tickets.

So what’s he going to do with all that extra cash? Kulp said he plans to pay off his car, buy a new computer and invest part of it.

“The rest? I don’t know. There’s a possibility of a new double wide trailer,” he said. “I’ve never had money to deal with, so now that I have it, what do I do with it? I’m sure some will go into my savings account.”

In his free time, Kulp gives back to the surrounding areas with the “To Fill A Backpack” program he started back in 2008.

“We fill backpacks yearly and donate to families where kids can’t afford them,” he explained. “Each year in June we start collecting monetary donations and supplies and in August we fill the backpacks and distribute them before school starts.”

To Fill a Backpack provides school supplies to families in McKean, Potter, Tioga, Bradford and Cameron counties. For more information or to make a donation, visit the “To Fill A Backpack” Facebook page or email info@tofillabackpack.org.