A longtime East Bradford business has some pretty big changes in the works.

On Tuesday, Bob Skaggs, owner of JJ’s Saloon, explained the old DC’s Army Navy store building is in the process of being demolished and a new building will be constructed for the saloon in that spot.

“We’ll have seating for about 60 people,” he said. “We’ll have a full kitchen. Where the existing JJ’s is, we’re going to knock that down and put in outdoor seating.”

Skaggs said 6V is doing the demolition for the Army Navy store, and his own company, Skaggs Construction, will be building the new facility. He’s hopeful they will be able to have “the bones” of the building up soon, and be able to work on the interior over the winter.

“We’re hoping to be done by late spring or early summer,” he said. When construction is complete, JJ’s will move to the new building. “We will stay open and hopefully not miss a day.”

Skaggs said he plans to expand the menu when the business moves to its new space, little by little.

“We’re going to ease into it,” he said, “maybe have some Friday fish frys. Hopefully we’ll draw a crowd.”

The new facility will be larger than the current one — “it’s about twice the size, at 44-by-74. Right now we have 21-by maybe 70.”

While the look of the establishment will be different, it will still bear the same name.

“It’s been there over 42 years,” Skaggs said. “Everybody knows where JJ’s is.”

Skaggs explained he bought the Army Navy building after the business had closed, and when he had decided to buy JJ’s from former longtime owner Judy Wells.

“I had heard Judy was thinking about selling,” he said, adding that he has been planning this project for some time.

“I’d been going to JJ’s for years. It’s a good crowd. We have a very good bar manager, good people, good cooks.”

Skaggs also has the Foster Brook Plaza to the rear of Tim Horton’s, along Derrick Road in Foster Brook.