Absolut Care of Allegany

Administrators of Absolut Care of Allegany, N.Y., shown here, say the location is doing well and will remain open amidst bankruptcy reports.

ALLEGANY, N.Y. — Reports that Absolut Care and seven of its subsidiaries have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection will not impact the Absolut Care of Allegany site, administrators at the Maple Avenue skilled nursing home said.

Earlier this week, the Buffalo-area firm announced bankruptcy filing and plans to close its Orchard Park facility, reporting that Absolut had received regulatory approval for the closure. The nursing home operator further reported it has six other sites, which include the 37-bed home in Allegany, and reported these would remain open.

Liz Lute, director of nursing at Absolut Care of Allegany, said there are no concerns for the local facility closing.

“We’re doing good and strong, actually,” Lute said on Friday. “We’re going to stay open and keep on trucking.”

Lute said the home, which she believes has been in operation since the 1970s, also has been doing well regarding its staff.

“We’ve had it pretty lucky, for the most part, with the staffing,” Lute continued. “We’ve had quite a few people who have been here for quite a few years now. The continuity of care is really good.”

Lute said the facility is also very community-oriented. The nursing home often has visits from community and school groups, such as Allegany-Limestone Elementary School, throughout the year for various activities.

“We like to try and stick close with the community because we are small around here so it’s good to have support,” she added.

Meanwhile, a press release issued by an Absolut Care spokesperson said the bankruptcy is necessary for the company to “financially reorganize itself and better position itself for the future.”

The company said the Chapter 11 process allows companies to propose a plan to reorganize, while keeping its business open and paying off creditors over time.

Absolut Care CEO Israel Sherman had stated that long-term health care facilities are facing “significant challenges,” and noted Eastern Niagara Hospital recently announced it will close its Newfane facility by October and lay off 50 employees.

“We are very confident that we will emerge a much stronger company after these legal proceedings are concluded,” Sherman had stated. “It is our expectation that during this process that Patient Care, our employees, and our commitment to excellence will remain our top priority.”

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