A Bradford woman will serve time in state prison for allegations she used someone else’s ATM card and sold a substance that she pretended was cocaine.

Tuesday L. Hale, 53, will serve a total of 21 months to four years in state prison for both cases, according to District Attorney Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer.

“Additional terms are to have no contact with the victim at one case and the confidential informant at the other,” Shaffer said. “(Hale) has to pay restitution and the lab user fee.”

On Oct. 17, Hale pleaded guilty to charges in two cases: a charge of access device fraud in one and a charge of selling a non-controlled substance represented as a controlled substance in the other.

On the day Hale entered her plea, Shaffer explained that between Feb. 15 and March 20 in 2018, Hale used a man’s ATM card to receive $260; Also, on March 5, 2019, while under the surveillance of the McKean County Drug Task Force, Hale sold a non-controlled substance, saying it was cocaine.

Hale’s son, Tate W. Hallock, 25, of Bradford, was sentenced in November for his role in the access device fraud case. According to court records, he is serving a term of one to two years in state prison for a charge of conspiracy-access fraud, a third-degree felony.

Court records filed at the time of Hallock’s arrest alleged that Hale was hired to clean the victim’s home, and Hale and Hallock made up a story about a sick relative to get money from the homeowner. The pair was also accused of using the victim’s ATM card to make several unauthorized withdrawals.