Students at Floyd C. Fretz Middle School will have the opportunity tonight to pretend to be in the universe of what is no doubt the favorite book series of many local youths.

Parents and siblings are invited to take part with students in the Fretz Family Hunger Games Night, organized by the school’s Family Involvement Committee. The event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m.

Meghan Lama, a learning support teacher at the school, co-chairs the committee with Lindsay Sherman.

“We’re just hoping that, despite the cold, people will come out,” Lama said. “We think it’s going to be a lot of fun.” The event also gives parents and youths a chance to do something together.

This event is just another way the committee is aiming to promote literacy and family involvement, and, with the newest “Hunger Games” film — “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 1” — hitting theaters on Friday, Lama felt this was a good way to get students excited.

During tonight’s event at Fretz, participants will be split into 12 groups, representing the 12 districts in the series. The groups will be scored on different activities.

For instance, each “district” will make a banner that will be scored on a rubric developed by the art teacher. They will play “Hunger Games Jeopardy,” too, as well as take part in a segment called, “Surviving the Arena.” In the arena, participants will compete in archery and tug-of-war. Also, representing a scene in which two characters plan to eat poisonous nightlock berries together, all the students will receive a Mockingjay symbol or a poison symbol. Those receiving Mockingjay symbols will be considered survivors and receive more points for their district.

The winning district at the end of the night will be offered a victors’ meal and will compete against a teachers’ district — representing lost District 13 — during an assembly at the school.

Lama said at the start of the event, participants will walk in a tribute parade in “a big loop throughout the building.” The loop is roughly half a mile, and, if 100 people participate, Fretz will be able to log 50 miles in the Fuel Up to Play 60 program the school takes part in, founded by the NFL and National Dairy Council.

According to Lama, “Fretz is leading the state” in the program.

Also at tonight’s event, there will be various giveaways, and copies of the movies and books will be given away. Pizza Hut made a donation to be given away, and movie tickets for the new film will be among the items being given away.

Lama hopes the movie tickets will give a local family a reason to spend an evening together, and maybe spur an interest in the series in some parents, who can read the books with their children.