Bradford City Council passed a number of measures during a brisk meeting Tuesday evening, including one removing pit bull dogs from the list of dangerous animals.

Solicitor Mark Hollenbeck said the city had been questioned about the legality of the listing of pit bulls as dangerous and he and Bradford City police chief Chris Lucco looked into the matter.

Hollenbeck said they discovered the law discriminating against the breed was not valid and they wanted it “off the books.”

In other news, council approved a rehabilitation grant agreement for the Office of Economic and Community Development to provide $38,475 in funding to Richard Wixson for the rehabilitation of 19 Miller St. as part of the Elm Street Neighborhood project.

The financing will go toward paying McKean County D&D Builders Inc. upon clearance testing by the city’s lead-based paint consultant and the inspection and approval of rehabilitation work by the OECD housing rehabilitation staff and the homeowner.

Council later authorized the execution of the grant contract for the city’s 2013 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program in the amount of $300,000.

A separate resolution authorized the city to execute an agreement with the McKean County Redevelopment Authority for the OECD to provide housing rehabilitation inspection and delivery services for the Keating Township Housing Rehabilitation Program. Seven homes are set to be rehabilitated in Keating Township.

Meanwhile, council appointed Christopher Spaich as a probationary firefighter/paramedic for Bradford City Fire Department, effective Feb. 7. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Councilman Rhett Kennedy talked about the life and service of Bradford City firefighter Henry Plowman, who passed away on Jan. 22 at the age of 44.

Council held a moment of silence for Plowman and Mayor Tom Riel said flags throughout the city would be flown at half staff beginning today and continuing for the next seven days.

Council later approved payment to Sutphen Towers Inc. for a 2013 Tower One aerial ladder inspection to cost $1,519.33. Other action relating to the fire department involved a resolution to pay $2,664.18 for part-time firefighter’s dress uniforms from North Eastern Uniforms and Equipment.

Council also approved payment of $794.97 to Witmer Public Safety Group for police supplies. A total of $3,020.92 was approved to be paid to Portville Truck & Auto Repair for parts and repairs to Department of Public Works vehicles as well.

Council also passed a motion appointing Chelsea Place of Bradford to the Downtown Bradford Business District Authority, per recommendation of the Main Street manager. Tom Seagren was appointed to the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB), per recommendation of the City of Bradford HARB.

Council passed a motion approving payment of $6,705 from the OECD’s Intermediary Revolving Loan Account to Knox McLaughlin Gornall and Sennet for legal services incurred from August to December of 2013 and court fees related to the McKean County sheriff’s sale of real estate related to the collection of a delinquent loan.

The council also approved payment to Otis Elevator Co. in the amount of $1,850 to carry out the required three-year testing of the passenger elevator in the office building and the freight elevator at the Habgood Business Development Center and the passenger elevator in Old City Hall.