A house at 16 Long Lane in Foster Township sustained $30,000 in damage after a dry caught on fire in the laundry room Friday morning.

Members of the Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department were dispatched at 11:32 a.m., and arrived in time to contain the fire to the laundry room, though other areas of the house sustained smoke and heat damage, according to Kane-based state police.

Police said resident Stephanie Farrell loaded the dryer with a comforter and other bedding and vacated the room only to discover smoke within the residence later.

Firefighters quickly turned off gas to the residence, extinguished the blaze and cleared smoke from the structure, according to police.

Police said the fire is believed to have been caused by a combination of an overloaded dryer and a dryer vent malfunction, causing high heat within the dryer to vent through holes in the bottom of the metal dryer housing.

The radiant heat led to the ignition of combustible materials adjacent to the dryer, according to police. Police said fuel was added to the fire once the gas line to the dryer was compromised.

Damage to the residence, owned by Bruce Kightlinger, is estimated at $30,000, according to police.