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Southern Tier Forest Products, Inc.


296 Rochester Street
Salamanca, NY 14779
Last Updated: September 22, 2018




About Southern Tier Forest Products, Inc.

Jud Beattie founded Southern Tier Forest Products in 1981 as a New York State corporation.  Jud went about developing the company throughout the years and with the growing demand for convenient to handle and use clean, dry firewood, he has helped it along to where people have now come to recognize Southern Tier Forest Products for its high-quality products.

Jud began packaging the wood in little bundles soon after founding the company, and thus the Bundle of Warmth package came about.  The pulp or pole wood that Southern Tier Forest Products works with comes from the parts of trees that other companies have rejected for use in building lumber.  Lumber companies can only utilize that type of timber as firewood or raw paper material.

The timber logs come to Southern Tier’s lumberyard on trucks and the log workers who deliver it then stack it into huge piles that usually consist of about 25 truckloads apiece.  Jud’s workers take over from there.  They transfer the logs over to wood splitter machines where they saw it into usable length logs and they then send those through the machine to split them into even smaller pieces.

These pieces then go on a conveyor belt and other workers separate and stack the pieces.  Jud’s crew then transfers the stacks of wood into a kiln room to dry.  The process can take quite a while depending on the type of wood in use.  After the wood has dried in the kiln room, the moisture content in the wood drops down to about six to eight percent, which eliminates the smoke and nuisance smells experienced when burning non-dried wood.

Kiln dried wood helps to keep stoves, fireplaces, inserts and patio pits, as well as many other wood-burning items both cleaner and safer.  The wood also proves more environmentally friendly than non-dried or poorly seasoned wood products.  Southern Tier Forest Products offers these quality wood products for either wholesale distribution or online orders, which can be home delivered as well.

Southern Tier Forest Products uses over 800 truckloads of pulpwood annually, and all of it comes from local loggers and haulers.  To keep up with the demand during their busy season, Jud employs 23 people on both a part-time and full-time basis.

Jud had this to say about his employees.  “There are key employees in every business and Southern Tier Forest Products is no exception.  The company is a ‘teamwork’ company in that each of the employees works to help one another, no matter what is going on.  Everyone at Southern Tier Forest Products is a vital part to what we do.  That is why it is done so well.”

As for what sets them apart from their competition, Jud believes the consistent quality both day in and day out does it.  They pour a lot of effort into their drying system in order to not only meet, but exceed the New York State and USDA standards for heat treatment of wood.  They also do it in order to produce, on a consistent basis, the finest quality firewood products available to the consuming public.

Southern Tier Forest Products also provides another great service for the Salamanca community, because their products produced equate to jobs for America.  All their raw materials come from managed timberlands.  Since they also work alongside other lumber companies to only use the wood that can’t be utilized as lumber, their trees grow faster than they can use them.  They also make sure they utilize all the scraps formed during their process.  They even send the sawdust out in tractor-trailers for other companies to use it.

Jud and his crew at Southern Tier Forest Products would love to provide you with the best firewood on the market, so make sure you stop down and see them.

What We Offer

Premium Chiminea: $15.99

Kindling 6-Pack: $38.75

Boxed Kindling: $6.95

100% Cherry: $15.99

Firestarters: $3.25

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