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Kristin's Konsignment


4 Boylston Street
Bradford, PA 16701
Last Updated: February 19, 2018


About Kristin's Konsignment

Local woman starts business for her children

Kristin Kornacki opened the doors to Kristin’s Konsignment on March 29, 2011.  She said she started the business mainly for her children, so she could take care of them whenever necessary and not have to worry about it affecting her employer and co-workers.  It has proven a lot easier for Kristin to take off from work when she needs to now that she works for herself.

Prior to opening the shop, Kristin had worked for the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.  While working for them, she had given birth to her son, who had been born with a cleft lip.  Kristin then found herself travelling to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital quite often in order to attend various doctor’s appointments and surgeries to correct his condition.

Her many instances of missing work proved too much for Kristin to continue working for the university.  Therefore, Kristin came up with the idea to start her own business.  She decided to run a consignment store and moved it into the former Colors Galore and More building located at 4 Boylston Street in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

The owners of the former paint store had decided they no longer wanted to operate the store a while back and it proved a good spot for Kristin’s store.  They still own the building and as such, Kristin rents the site from them.

Kristin runs things around the shop by herself for now, but she receives plenty of help from her community.  Some local residents have visited the store and noticed how much work Kristin has to do, and so they offered to stop in and help her tidy up the place.  They have willingly done so free of charge, but Kristin has done her best to compensate them for their time and effort.

“Once in a while I will find something in my donations that I know one of them wants, and I’ll give it to the as payment.”

Kristin mainly deals in clothing, but she also offers a wide range of items in her shop, dealing in virtually everything but furniture and bedding.  Children’s clothes and junior brand name clothes have proven the most lucrative items for Kristin, as they sell way faster and at a higher volume than the rest of her offerings.

As her store’s name implies, Kristin mainly buys things on consignment and redistributes it to the Bradford community, but she does accept donations from local residents and organizations as well. This has proven one of the ways that Kristin sets her store apart from other area businesses.  Kristin said that nobody else deals mainly in consignment like she does.  Most of the stores similar to hers, such as The Goodwill Store and SACKS, deal mainly in donated goods.

Her devotion to her customers definitely places her above many other businesses as well.  Kristin had this to say about how she compensates her devoted customers, “There are some people who come into the store a lot, and I give them a discount as a thank you!”

Kristin’s Konsignment could prove the perfect place to purchase some gifts for your family or to ensure you can afford to keep up with your children’s growth patterns.  Therefore, make sure you check out the directions linked above so you can visit Kristin’s store and see what she can provide you.

Kristin’s carries a large selection of brand name clothing at good prices.  With extremely low prices, it proves an excellent place to shop for children as well as adults.  Every Friday and Saturday, Kristin features a special sale!!

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