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Mallery's Auto Body & Collision, Inc.


2450 Constitution Avenue
Olean, NY 14760
Last Updated: February 19, 2018




About Mallery's Auto Body & Collision, Inc.

John Mallery first opened his doors at Mallery’s Auto Body in September of 1988.  His shop originally opened located at 69 ½ South Seventh Street.  John started out a little slow at first, averaging only one to two cars each week, but business picked up for him before long and he continually found himself expanding his shop to accommodate the flow of traffic in and out of his garage.

In 1994, John allotted $75,000 over to a project to add on a new paint booth and frame-measuring equipment.  This led up to John having three other technicians working on 10 to 12 vehicles a week for him in 1995, while John was just 28 years old.  He had also hired on some people part-time to take care of the office work.

As for why Mallery’s expanded so rapidly, John had this to say about when someone would bring in their vehicle for them to service it.  “We take the weight off your shoulders.  We make arrangements with the insurance company.  We’ll line up the rental and take care of the negotiations and hassles of who will pay.  And we make sure the police reports are written correctly and everyone knows who is at fault.”

John said despite his company’s attention they give to each customer, his quality of body-work ultimately takes center stage with his customers.  Throughout many of his earlier years in business, word-of-mouth from customers went a long way for promoting his shop.

His continued success has enabled him to advertise in the area newspapers and radios as well.  Many Olean residents probably find it hard to get his radio-commercial jingle out of their head for a while after they’ve heard it air, so that should go a long ways in reminding people who to take their vehicle to when life’s little scratches, dents, bumps and dings occur.

John and his crew have continued to grow exponentially and the shop has grown with them.  They also moved their business over to 2450 Constitution Avenue back in 1998 and then had to expand the new building in 2003 to accommodate their constantly increasing traffic-flow.  In addition to allowing them to work on more cars for auto-body purposes, the building expansion incorporated two mechanical bays to allow them to offer a new form of services.

In regards to this, John said, “The way cars are built today, even in a minor accident, there is mechanical work involved with the suspension and drive line.”

John said they would only do mechanical work on vehicles for drivability problems with the brakes, suspension, radiation and air conditioning.  The expansion enabled them to add two more technicians along with the extra two bays.  Adding the two technicians to the shop brought their crew up to a total of 15 workers and today they can boast employing 18 people on-site between technicians and office workers.  They have also changed their company name in addition to their size, now referring to themselves as Mallery’s Auto Body & Collision, Inc.

All these exemplary credentials form Mallery’s case for being your clear choice for any vehicle body-work, especially this time of year as the local deer population goes into rut and they all transform into animal lunatics, running out in front of vehicles.  Although, it’s not always the case that someone runs into a deer.  John said his experience points to more cases of deer who run into the sides of vehicles instead of head-on collisions with them.

This brings a whole slew of problems associated with side-on collisions, with smashed in windows and scrapes that quite often travel the entire length of the vehicles side instead of staying in a more focused location like the front-end.  John said the causes for these types of collisions vary greatly, including the deer being in the rut.

Being in the rut refers to the time when deer enter their mating season, and their entire behavior alters accordingly.  Bucks start challenging each other for mating rights with does, and they start chasing the does around more aggressively.

“They’re moving around for food.  When they’re being hunted, they’re being chased.”  Many times, hunters unintentionally chase deer and other animals out into the side or front of a passing motorist’s vehicle.  As for the search for food, the deer’s food sources become more and more scarce as fall and then winter set in so they have to travel greater distances to find sustenance.

Mallery’s Manager Dave Ayers added that this time of year the change in climate greatly affects the deer and their behavior.  As the temperature drops, the deer must move around more to keep their body temperature from dropping too low.  Dave said they’ve already seen a spike in accidents, which he attributes to the fact that the temperature drop came on very drastically. Dave said that it seemed like one day it was hot and the next day it was freezing!

As hunting seasons commence this fall and winter, the local deer traffic will rise accordingly, so if you fall victim to nature’s wrecking crew, don’t forget that the people at Mallery’s Auto Body & Collision will do their best to relieve any of your concerns.

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