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When the subject of novels by C.S. Forester pops up at cocktail parties, film adaptations of them that immediately come to mind are "The African Queen" (script by James Agee and John Huston) and "Sink the Bismark!" (script by Edmund H. North). I wasn't familiar with Forester's 1955 book "The Good Shepherd," another one about both a world war and sailing vessels.

Ed Sheeran has told the owners of three properties on the edges of his Suffolk estate that he is keen to buy them out and add to his empire.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Bouncing from politics to the big screen and back, Fred Thompson played many roles well and those who knew him say the folksy former U.S. senator won't soon be forgotten for his impact on American life and the arts. He died Sunday at age 73.