MUSIC: Bradford resident Donald Neal has shared a poem with us about music.


Of all the sounds heard around the world,

To the beauty nothing can compare.

Except for the sounds of beautiful music,

Which can be heard almost everywhere.

The music of birds in song,

Or the wind blowing through the trees.

The cooing sounds of a baby,

Or the buzzing of a swarm of bees.

Music can bring love and happiness,

And can bring peace throughout the land.

I believe this is a gift from heaven,

A gift which God has planned.

God has given man a talent,

And instruments for him to play.

A voice to sing that beautiful music,

And find happiness every day.

It all started with the masters,

Who composed the music of their day.

Mozart, Bach and Beethoven,

Who wrote music still heard today.

When the settlers first came to America,

Their music was heard throughout the land.

Today we know this as folk music,

Their struggles we now understand.

The songs were of everyday living,

And the happiness their music had brought.

Music that is of love and hope,

Where peace and happiness is sought.

There are hymns and country gospel songs,

Sung in churches everywhere.

Songs about faith and love,

Our faith in God to declare.

With all the beauty that surrounds us,

The beauty of all the sounds and sights.

We should all thank God for those gifts,

When we say our prayers each night.