Kid’s Halloween Party: Planning a Halloween party for your little ghouls and witches this year? Here are some fun ideas to turn it into a monster of a good time!

-Wrap the mummy: Have children pair off into twos, letting them decide which will be the “mummy” and which will be the “wrapper.” Give each pair a roll of toilet or crepe paper and instruct the wrappers to wrap their partner from head to toe, leaving only the eyes, mouth and nose clear. The first pair to finish successfully wins!

-Make the zombie laugh: Tell the children to lie still on the floor like a zombie. Select one child to be “it.” “It” can make silly faces, tell jokes or whatever else they can think of to make the “zombies” laugh. Once a “zombie” laughs, they can join in on making the rest of the group laugh. Whoever lasts the longest without laughing wins.

-Donut eating race: Tie a length of rope between two poles or trees. With the children standing under the rope, tie one end a piece of string or ribbon to the donut and the other end to the rope so the donut hangs slightly above mouth level. On the count of three, without using any hands, players try to eat the entire donut without it falling off the ribbon. The first to finish wins.

-Pin the nose on the pumpkin: Place a large cardboard pumpkin on the wall. While taking turns, blindfold each child and give them a black cut-out in the shape of a nose with double-sided tape on the back. Have them walk up to the wall and “pin” the nose on the pumpkin.

DIY trick-or-treat bag station: Provide children with paper bags, googly eyes, markers, pens, glue, sparkles, pom-poms and whatever else your imagination can conjure up to decorate delightful treat bags. When they are done, let them each grab a handful of candy to put in their bag to take home.

Pumpkin decorating station: Provide each child with a small pumpkin and whatever supplies you’d like. Some ideas are paints and paintbrushes, glue, googly eyes, foam pieces, construction paper and scissors. To avoid the mess from paint, use stickers instead.